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About Us

Our Watchful Eyes and Your Reliable Defense

Our business started with the idea of bringing value for our customers by securing their assets. It is our pleasure to safeguard our customers and we are thrilled that hundreds of customers have already trusted us with their safety and security.

The Best of the Best

The security industry is regulated in certain ways because of the experience and breadth of our services. We’re entrusted with the safety of people and sometimes millions of dollars worth of assets. Our unique training and experience offer our customers incredible value when it comes to the nature of the security business.

Frequently-Asked Questions

What is the cost of hiring you for security services?

It depends on your needs. Since security professionals are needed for various purposes, from one-time events to 24/7 support, our pricing also varies. Our prices are budget-friendly and flexible, meeting most customer budgets. It is usually based on our cost, and an affordable rate to provide for overhead. Rest assured you will be getting the best rates for our industry from Alpha One Security Group.

How do you screen and hire your guards?

Our team is handpicked from a vetted pool of security professionals. First, we check the experience of the personnel, and how long they can work for us. We like to keep our best security professionals with us for as long as possible. Lastly, each professional undergoes a full background check to ensure security clearance.

How does Alpha One Security Group handle emergencies or security threats?

Since we are experienced in many security needs and scenarios, we can often recommend and implement various ways of handling emergencies and security threats. However, if you have any particular methods or response protocols we are equipped to implement any of our customer’s needs for them, efficiently.

Service Area

Our service area is a 50-mile radius around San Antonio, Texas. If you are located within that area, we can help with your security needs.

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